Welcome to New Creations Ministries. We are a Recovery Ministry for for those bound by addiction, the wounded and broken. We have found that the Love of God can reach everyone. There is no depth and no person that God can not reach. We have seen several hundred lives transformed through New Creations Ministries.  Here is the testimony of the founder of New Creation Ministries, Jamie Giamanco.

I grew up in the Apostolic church but my childhood wasn’t the greatest. On August 5, 1995 I found my mom dead in her bed. It was right after my 9th birthday. My dad remarried and again, wasn’t the greatest. Because of this I had many wounds and anger towards God and I started using hard drugs to numb the pain. Well that didn’t work. I knew God was the answer but I kept running. I lived in active addiction for 10 years and did many things I’m not proud of and struggled with a lot of guilt and shame and even mistreated my loved ones.

On September 8, 2017 I finally decided to get clean. I was tired of running from God. Tired of feeling worthless, empty, unlovable just to name a few. I went to NA meetings for the two years of my sobriety but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I needed something deeper. I didn’t go to church right away because I  felt like even God didn’t love me and I had done too much to receive forgiveness from Him. But He kept reaching for me, I kept feeling his presence so finally I gave in and started going back to church.

God slowly started to heal me and began working with me about starting a ministry for addicts. I felt an overwhelming desire that I couldn’t ignore. So in September of 2019 I talked to my Pastor and my Pastor’s wife. They were so excited about what God was going to do! And so New Creations Ministries was birthed. We  began hosting monthly meetings at our church with food and God centered community and support through our church. We have many former addicts who attend our church with multiple years clean so we prayed about it and asked them to be mentors to the addicts coming in. They gladly were willing to serve.

Because of this ministry we’ve had over 400 newcomers in our church and over 300 baptized and over 100 filled with the Holy Ghost! God has transformed many lives and many members of New Creation are serving other addicts coming in as we allow the Love of God to heal the mind, body and soul of the broken.

Here is my transformation from addict to delivered and set free! Jesus made the difference in my life!

If you would like to get connected to New Creations, please reach out to Jamie at newcreationsministry26@gmail.com
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